Welcome to Boreaville: The Besieged ShoresEdit

After hundreds of years, several Bloodboil weapons have been made and passed around from continent to continent. The Ragnavar and Hearthen Natives want to be able to create these weapons for themselves to simply empower their army.

Year 493 - Zil'moorg was destroyed along with most of his army. Ragnavar clans are preparing for another raid.

The factions and Year idea:Edit

I've decided to add a year count on events and characters (provided they had some use in a certain period) and it should make future pages easier to understand.

The CURRENT year count is 493. This goes up sometimes.

Hearthen Natives (Including their Guardian, Zil'moorg) - Hearthen Natives and Guardian

Legion of Ragnavar (including the other clans, but the Ragnavar are the main attackers) - Ragnavar and other clans

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